Zooniverse : DAT WHALE TAIL

Using Crowd souring to fuel research is what Zooniverse is all about, through the medium of the internet, a whole host of interested parties throughout the world can help contribute to projects that would otherwise be marginalized due to the excessive people power that would be required to see effective results. One such instance is […]

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A Critical Review of Storify

In one word, pretty, in another, frustrating, these words help me to describe my experience with the tool that is storify, a freely usable service that allows users to create textual pieces of information and interlace these works with visual information as well as links to external source files, so pretty much what we all […]

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Crowd Sourcing and the future

The following is based on “CROWDSOURCING: Why the Power of the Crowd is Driving the Future of Business” JEFF HOWE. Crowd sourcing has always been an inevitable creation, As Technology progresses and becomes more user friendly we create the new generations of amateurs, where once we had to hire specialists and professionals to do tasks […]

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Critiquing Digital Humanities

Fred Gibbs’ article on Critical Disclosure talks of how vastly complex the critique of Digital Humanities is and why critiquing it is so difficult. Digital Humanities is in its infancy and as well as that it is yet to truly define itself within its own discipline. As digital humanities is only finding its feet, it […]

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